A bit of background

In the Spring of 2017 I started to not feel well in the sense of having issues eating mostly in the beginning. Everything I ate would make me feel very bloated, ladies much like when it’s “that time of the month” but at first I didn’t think too much into it. It was a stressful time, Brian was away working in Vegas for 7 months, I was very busy with Masen and Farm life so I just chalked it up to stress and diet or lack there of. It continued throughout the Summer, eventually it got to where the only thing that would calm my stomach was fresh mint leaves in a bottle of water. Nothing else would work, everything I ate made me bloated eventually leading to issues in the bathroom (I’ll save you the details). I am the type of person who will try everything I can to fix it myself before going to see a Dr so I did that. I tried to reduce my stress level, not worry so much about every little thing, take days at home just to chill out with my dog and relax, and really watch what I was eating, basically putting myself on the BRAT diet for a while to try and reset the body. A short time later, probably about a month, so now we are late summer about August/September is when the pain started. Started out as just regular cramping but eventually got so bad it would practically cripple me for moments at a time and Brian would wind up taking nights off of work so he could help me with Masen who was just 4 going on 5 at the time. I finally get into see a Doctor in November of 2017, first available they had as a new patient.

Dr B. was her name, she put me on the elimination diet thinking everything was diet related. Nope that didn’t work. She ran blood-work, that was fine, she went so far as to tell me that if something was seriously wrong with me it would flag my blood-work, both myself and my Oncologist really wish she never would have said that because boy was she wrong. The pain never went away so she ordered ultrasounds and said that they showed uterine cysts and fibroids as the cause of my pain. To which I told her, okay let’s do a hysterectomy, we are not having any more kids after two high risk pregnancies. She refused, said I was too young but instead would put the implant birth control in stating that would help with all of this, help even out the hormones and all of that jazz. I don’t know any better and quite frankly I just wanted relief from all of this so I wasn’t going to question anything, I mean why should I? This is what she does for a living, she knows what she’s doing. So she refuses a hysterectomy, sends me on my way and says to call if I need anything. A week or so down the road, this puts us just about the beginning of December of 2017, I get to a point where I can’t keep much down food wise and am basically just drinking water. So I call her and tell her I need to see a GI. She sends me a referral to a GI who once I call with symptoms they work me in right away.

The very first question out of his mouth when he walks in the room the day we saw him was:

“Does colon cancer run in your family?” Yes, my Uncle, Mom’s brother, passed from it at 42 I believe. Okay so you need to have a colonoscopy he says, you could just be backed up but given your family history I need to be sure. Again, I didn’t think anything of it I just wanted some damn relief. So the colonoscopy is scheduled for January 29th 2018.

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